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DRD Memory Mining

Important Update For DRD Miner Price Adjustment 

DRD Latest Total Network Power(July 27th, 2022) 
DRD Model X Estimate OutCome(July 27th, 2022):
2.71 DRDs
DRD Model Xpro Estimate OutCome(July 27th, 2022):

8.14 DRDs

A Popular Energy-Saving High Profitable Block-Chain Technology

Abstract Background



       Digital Currency and Block-Chain Technology Step in an Epical Decade since 2020 due to a 2000% Rally on Bitcoin and Ethereum in the Past 2 Years. The Value and Advantage of Block-Chain Technology has been Acknowledged by the Public and Applied in Different Areas.

     With the Rapid Development of Block-Chain Technology, the Defect of Block-Chain Technology is Gradually Revealed. Excessively Wasting Electricity have Severely Affect the People's Utilities Usage in many Countries.

     Therefore, We Founded and Developed DRD Memory Miner to Improve those Defects. We Adopt RAM as Our Hardware Support which is Affordable and Energy-Saving Materials.

Abstract Background

DRD RoadMap 

DRD One 


The first generation of DRD-One will be Manufactured in December 2021. Make sure the DRD quality we will test first 100 units.

 DRD Optimization


The DRD  team will be committed to optimize the algorithm and upgrade the hardware to create the best Miner into Mass-Production.

Step in the Top Crypto Exchange


Our goal is to knock in the top crypto exchanges within 6 month to enhance the DRD Coins Liquidity.

Top 20  Crypto


The DRD team has Strong resources to promote DRD Memory Mining technology globally and become the Top 20 Maket Cap Crypto.

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Why Choose DRD 

  • DRD Miner Halving Model


                    With the respect to Bitcoin halving model, we proposed an advanced high-frequency halving system in order to ensuring the profitability for DRD users and the high value of DRD. Bitcoin halves every 3-4 years however DRD triggers halving in every 7mins and 30 seconds.              


  • BTC VS DRD Hardware Cost


            DRD team realize that the expensive Bitcoin miner could be a barrier to spread block-chain technology. RAM is a much cheaper material as DRD miner hardware support. Make sure that every DRD user can afford it to enjoy the mining experience. What’s more important is DRD will push forward block-chain technology to be more popularity and practical.

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DRD Miner VS BTC Miner

  • BTC VS DRD Energy-Saving


           An energy-saving is another feature that RAM owns. According to our precise test results prove that daily power consumption of RAM is less than 0.1kWh, which equals to a router has. Bitcoin miner daily power consumption is 78kW*h per day, and the daily ultility cost is 78kWh*0.07usd/kWh = 5.46USD/day. DRD daily ultility cost is around 0.007USD. Obviously, DRD has reduced the ultility cost by 780 times compared with Bitcoin miner! 

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