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Dear users:

Subject: Notice on the due payment of annual custody fees for DRD memory machines

We would like to thank you for your support and trust in Donggang Company. In order to ensure better service and device management for you, DRD memory machine hosting fees will be charged to users who expire or are about to expire. Please read the following information carefully about the collection of DRD memory machine hosting fees.

1. Custody fee charging standard:

From April 1, 2023, DRD memory machine hosting fees will be charged according to the following standards:

DRD memory machine Xpro (X3): 120U/unit per year;

2. Custody fee collection cycle:

The DRD memory machine hosting fee will be charged annually and will start billing on April 1

3. Payment method:





4. Matters needing attention:

Please be sure to complete the payment of the custody fee 30 days before the expiration date of the memory machine - at the latest 1 day, if the payment is overdue, the machine will automatically trigger the shutdown;

If you need to change the DRD memory machine model, please apply to us 5 days in advance;

If you have any questions about hosting fees, please contact our customer service team in time.

Thank you for your support to Donggang Company, we will wholeheartedly provide you with quality services. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.


Good luck!

Donggang Company

March 22, 2023

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A letter from the CEO of DongGang Electronics:

DRD overall upgrade set sail

Looking at the market situation of the industry, too many projects are like fireworks, which disappear after a flash.

With the great development of DRD in the world in 2022, it ushers in a new year of 2023. The overall upgrade of DRD@이쁘다 will lead the web3 game industry and develop the game public chain.

The past few years have been the most tiring years in my life, with almost no rest, and all my mind is on work.

Therefore, during this period of time, we have been accelerating the adjustment of the business system, optimizing the team and business, in order to be more streamlined, direct and efficient.

From the perspective of the macro environment, I personally think that 2023 is particularly suitable for doing things and making layouts. This year's layout will yield good results next year.

Regardless of the current market situation, I hope that all of us will keep up with the rapid development of DRD@이쁘다, and not fall behind or fall before the dawn.



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To All Members: A letter from the CEO of DongGang Electronics in the United States: In 2023, Perseverance is King.

As we see the data in 2022 the Crypto industry will be a disaster year. For DRD and the entire Crypto industry, we should learn to reflect after the consecutive bankruptcy of Celsius, Voyager, FTX and other projects.As the matter of fact, the entire crypto ecosystem seems to be full of crises and failures in 2022. The price of crypto has fallen from last year's historical highs, big platforms have fallen one after another, making users and regulators lose confidence in the industry. Policy makers , The

media and the public are increasingly strict with the review of crypto.

Although the development of the industry has encountered dilemma under the effect of these factors, But as an emerging industry, we are not defeated by those challenges, instead of overcoming them. Let us talk about it in this way: 2023 should make us more optimistic than the past year, because DRD has shown amazing resilience and perseverance.

When crypto first came out, there were also a group of people who slandered Bitcoin for no reason. This group of people declared that "Bitcoin will definitely return to 0": and began to sell books around this thesis and gather popularity on social media, invited so-called "celebrity" to preach everywhere, and made a lot of money. The current FTX collapse is also a "business opportunity" for them. They call it the "Lehman Moment" of crypto, compare the correction of Bitcoin with the Internet bubble. What they deliberately did not mentioned is that both are a kind of wash the weak hands in the industry. As far as I know, the Internet and the banking industry are doing well at the moment, and Bitcoin has not returned to 0, also DRD has not returned to 0 either.

Popularization and construction

One of the success indicator in crypto industry is the penetration rate. Although the industry will suffer a lot in 2022, the popularity of the blockchain has never stopped. Individual institutional investors around the world continue to pour into this industry. In terms of personal investment, emerging markets is still dominating. What we are seeing now is that the demand and interest in crypto remain strong. Based on this, the industry will continue to create high-value, usable products and services. By working hard and focusing on developing, we will gain user trust and become stronger. My goal is still keeping everyone in the company focused on what really DRD needs: building and stick to an user-based principle. I'm proud that these values remain true and real to everything we do.

Our business and team have expanded: we now have 150 employees from more than 30 countries: we are currently serving more than 12,000 users worldwide. We continue to build bridges between the world of crypto and traditional finance. For example, the DRD payment service through MasterCard cooperation allows users to make payments in more than 100 countries, and is currently providing services to 12,000 users. I can feel that we have accumulated the most important and precious resource: the trust and loyalty of the members in the DRD community, and this cannot be counted as numbers. We are very grateful for their support.

DRD 2022 Highlights

DRD has launched a series of transparency action plans. As the world's first green, energy-saving and environmental-friendly memory miner, DRD has been launched in South Korea since March 31, 2022. DRD has won the support and recognition of a large number of investors. DRD metaverse map, city version, space version, mountains and rivers version and other technologies have been continuously launched and improved, and have been recognized by the industry. The status and popularity of the industry have been continuously improved. The DRD team has cooperated with MasterCard to carry out DRD payment in South Korea, United States, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Germany, China and other countries have successfully settled the payment for 12,000 DRD customer members.

DRD Future Road-map

Last year, many well-known projects went bankrupt and encountered a liquidity crisis which causing a "big earthquake" in the crypto industry. People gradually realized that transparency is the only way for crypto trading platforms to maintain user trust. In this way, Jerry proposed 7 key strategic development plans for ecological construction in 2023: "이쁘다" DAPP application. Technical team will keep testing the DRD public chain based on the current node situation, improve the public Chain ecological network, attract major projects to develop various blockchain projects on the DRD public chain, such as DRDSWAP, NFT, ecological TOKEN, DEFI, etc. The DRD sub-Token DRDS is designed and developed as a token for web3 games. The technical team will focus on the development of Web3 game projects and will be committed to the integration of DRD web3 games and the development of gaming platforms; The team is working hard listing on Binance Exchange or Coinbase. The parent company, DongGang Electronics USA, is preparing to list on Nasdaq at the end of the year or next year.

No matter what will come in 2023, we are ready for it. DRD has an excellent, diversified professional team that must achieve its mission, a management team composed of experts and sufficient capital reserves. Our core business model is simple, but our ability to solve difficulties is very strong. We have ambitious goals and adhere to a set of fundamental values, which allows us to focus on development. In this coming year, we will focus on developing practical tools, continuing to expand the team: and providing support for promising projects . "I think the next bull market will come from product usage, innovation in creating unique usability." Such a bull market may come next year, or maybe the year after. We can't predict exactly when it's coming, it is not important anyways. DRD will focus on what we should do: improve the transparency and security of the industry, and build, innovate, user-based, and leading the sustainable development of the industry. No matter how long the bull market is coming, we will get rid of a bear market and become more stronger.



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