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DRD Feature

DRD Team will Committed to Promote and Spread DRD Memory Mining Techonology in order to Building a Popular, Energy-Saving, High Profitable Block-Chain Environment. 

Abstract Background

Why Choose DRD

Abstract Background

  • DRD Miner Halving Model


                    With the respect to Bitcoin halving model, we proposed an advanced high-frequency halving system in order to ensuring the profitability for DRD users and the high value of DRD. Bitcoin halves every 3-4 years however DRD triggers halving in every 7mins and 30 seconds.              

           Simultaneously, each halving action leads to a new block generated and the height (H) of the block will add one more layer. According to the halving model, the function between quantity(Q) of DRD and the height (h) of the block explained as below:  

Wavy Abstract Background
Wavy Abstract Background

DRD Miner VS BTC Miner


                  BTC VS DRD Hardware Cost


            DRD team realize that the expensive Bitcoin miner could be a barrier to spread block-chain technology. RAM is a much cheaper material as DRD miner hardware support. Make sure that every DRD user can afford it to enjoy the mining experience. What’s more important is DRD will push forward block-chain technology to be more popularity and practical.

          BTC VS DRD Energy-Saving

      An energy-saving is another feature that RAM owns. According to our precise test results prove that daily power consumption of RAM is less than 0.1kwh, which equals to a router has. Bitcoin miner daily power consumption is 78kW*h per day, and the daily ultility cost is 78kWh*0.07usd/kWh = 5.46USD/day. DRD daily ultility cost is around 0.007USD. Obviously, DRD has reduced the ultility cost by 780 times compared with Bitcoin miner! 

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