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A letter from the CEO of DongGang Electronics:

DRD overall upgrade set sail

Looking at the market situation of the industry, too many projects are like fireworks, which disappear after a flash.

With the great development of DRD in the world in 2022, it ushers in a new year of 2023. The overall upgrade of DRD@이쁘다 will lead the web3 game industry and develop the game public chain.

The past few years have been the most tiring years in my life, with almost no rest, and all my mind is on work.

Therefore, during this period of time, we have been accelerating the adjustment of the business system, optimizing the team and business, in order to be more streamlined, direct and efficient.

From the perspective of the macro environment, I personally think that 2023 is particularly suitable for doing things and making layouts. This year's layout will yield good results next year.

Regardless of the current market situation, I hope that all of us will keep up with the rapid development of DRD@이쁘다, and not fall behind or fall before the dawn.



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